Susanna, Italian attorney: I am extremely satisfied with Fabienne, the tutor I have been studying with in the past few months. She is an extremely educated, patient, competent and enthusiastic tutor, I felt she and I would work very well together from the very first lesson. Being an advanced level student, I can feel confident to assure you that Fabienne really knows her business and is very resourceful, too. She is quite good at tailoring the lessons according to the student’s need and learning style and she is also flexible with timing, she always comes on time and is friendly without being «invasive».
I trust you will be as satisfied as I am with her teaching.

Peter Jarosz, Consultancy Director: I strongly recommend Fabienne, as a teacher she shows incredible amount of focus on your individual needs. Fabienne shows astonishing amounts of good will, patience and understanding towards her students – that combined with her drive forward make for a great learning experience.

Veronika Casaova, Graphic Designer: Fabienne is a great teacher! She is very smart, responsible and a very nice person with a big and warm heart. Her individual and nice approach for learning is just the reason why I chose her. I’m enjoying her lessons very much. Her way how to teach is very original and always great fun. LEARNING THROUGH PLAY. That is Fabienne Müller.

Devon Martin, Social Pedagogue Student: I am very happy with the results I got after taking German classes with Fabienne. I was able to reach a B2 level of German 3 years ago and decided to learn with Fabienne for 3 months to prepare for an entrance exam for a Social Pedagogue Program. With her coaching and her helping me refresh my grammatical knowledge I was able to pass the written and spoken parts of the entrance exam. Thank you Fabienne for your personalized and flexible teaching style. I highly recommend Fabienne as a private tutor!

Vivian Karin Volkmann, Brazilian, psychologist, art student: Learning German with Fabienne was a very rewarding experience, which I would have liked to extend as much as possible. In fact, it was the best achievement for me during the time as an expat in Switzerland. Fabienne has the ability to adjust her methodology and content of the lessons to the interests and necessities of each student, being particularly keen to perceive the difficulties with the language learning. In the same way, she understands and uses the skills and strengths of the individual, tailoring the lessons to the best way this particular person will learn. Constantly, Fabienne re-evaluates her approach and method, as well as the student’s progress and achievements so they can enjoy better the process of learning and get the better results. Fabienne is an excellent professional and has wide knowledge and deep love for the language she teaches and she is able to convey this enthusiasm to those who spend the hours of learning with her. I strongly recommend her lessons to those who have high requirements and need a German course tailored for themselves.